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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I install your apps?
A: These apps are only available for Windows Phone. On your phone, go to the Marketplace app. Press the search button. Enter the full name of the app you want, (e.g. "Phoenix Bus Times"). You will find the app listed in the search results, with the subtitle "Application". Click on it to install or purchase. You can also install the apps from the web marketplace (see the web marketplace link below the icons of the apps on this website), or by scanning the Microsoft Tag (using the Bing Vision feature on your phone.)

Q: How do I uninstall your apps?
A: On the home screen of your phone, scroll to the right to get to the large list of apps. Locate the app you want to uninstall. Press and hold on the item, a menu will appear. Click Uninstall on that menu.

Phoenix Bus Times

Q: How do I clear all favorite routes in Phoenix Bus Times?
A: Press the delete button (the center button) in the application bar on the first page of the application.

Q: How do I delete an individual route in Phoenix Bus Times?
A: On the first page of the application, press and hold on the item you want to delete. A menu will appear, press Delete in that menu.

Q: What do the words "route" and "quickest" mean in Phoenix Bus Times?"
A: When you are on the "route" page, the timings are sorted in the order you added the routes to your favorites list. So if you added the route "Mercury" to your favorites first, then that will appear first. When you are on the "quickest" page, the timings are sorted by which bus is arriving the soonest. The first item on the list will be the one that is arriving very shortly, followed by the others. We recommend you carefully check the direction of the bus (eastbound/westbound) before you decide on a route.

Q: I found an error in a bus timing. Where do I report it?
A: Email me at Please note that the timings reported by the app are the timings as recorded in the valleymetro website as of the date of the last update. The app has a local copy of the schedules, it does not get live updates from the web (yet).


Q: What is the objective of the game?
A: To pick up all the stars using as few instructions as possible.

Q: What do all the buttons do?
A: The up arrow adds an instruction for the robot to move forward.
The down arrow adds an instruction for the robot to move backward.
The left arrow is to turn counter-clockwise without moving.
The right arrow is to turn clockwise without moving.
The X, Y, A, B are functions, when NomNom encounters them, it executes all the instructions in the corresponding function.
The play button to the left of the speed control is used to start and stop the execution.
The backspace button to the right of the speed control is used to make corrections to the code.
The floppy disk icon lets you choose levels.
The gears icon takes you to the main screen.

Q: The limit on a level is too small! It is impossible!
A: No, it isn't. Try approaching the problem differently; identify patterns in the arrangement of the stars. Utilize blocks and boundaries. Make sure you use functions. For Ch 4 onwards, remember to use recursion.

Q: The limit on a level is too large! I can do it in half those many characters.
A: To allow flexibility and a gradual learning curve, many of the levels have extra characters that can be used. Try to solve using as few instructions as possible! It is also possible that you have discovered a rather intelligent solution to the problem that I did not think of. Be sure to tweet or blog it, so I can read about it!

Q: I want to try all the levels again. Can I wipe my scores so far?
A: Yes. From the main screen, go to help and settings, and tap the reset all data button.

Q: I have encountered a serious error, or have a bug to report.
A: Please contact me directly at

Q: There are too few levels!
A: More will be added very soon. I am working on playtesting them. They will probably be premium levels only.

Q: Is there a plan for a leaderboard or a level designer?
A: It's definitely on my mind, but implementing those is a serious effort, and I don't have resources for that right away.