RoboNom is a robot programming game. A very hungry forgetful robot, NomNom needs to eat stars. You have only a limited number of instructions to give NomNom, help him pick up all the stars!

In RoboNom, the objective is to make the robot pick up all the stars. The constraint is the number of instructions you can give to the robot - they are limited, because NomNom is forgetful. You can use various techniques to make NomNom navigate complex spaces using only a few instructions - functions, recursion and free pickups. Play through 3 chapters (24 levels) in the trial version, and enjoy an additional 4, more challenging chapters (32 additional levels) when you purchase this game .

Current version:


Version 1.3.0 — (May 11, 2012)

  • Fixed crash when pressing backspace in a function that is overfull.
  • Fixed random crashes when performing a marketplace function.
  • (Thanks, Nirmit Kavaiya, for the repro steps).
Version 1.2.0 —
  • Updated for Mango - supports Fast App Switching.
  • FPS updated to 60 frames per second, robot can now move faster.
  • More reasons to purchase! Paid customers need to only solve 4 levels per chapter to unlock the next.
Version 1.1.0 —
  • Added chapter 7, a completely new chapter with 8 challenging puzzles.
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Reduced price to $0.99 (was $1.99)

Gameplay Video:


RoboNom Screenshot 1
The RoboNom first level. This shows a simple problem, the tutorial text, and the solution.

RoboNom Screenshot 2
The RoboNom level selection screen, showing chapter 1 and its 8 levels. The first three levels have been solved, and are shown in green color. To change the chapter, tap on the big chapter tile on the left. To switch to a level, tap the tile of the level. To return without changing anything, use the hardware back button.

RoboNom Screenshot 3
Robonom Level 3 - 6. In this level, the user will have to use a combination of various functions to solve. The solution shown here is not complete. The robot is shown executing the instructions. This level is available in the trial version, solve at least 6 levels in chapter 2 to unlock chapter 3.

RoboNom Screenshot 4
RoboNom level 6 - 6. This is a premium level. To play this level, buy the game. Shown here are pickups, which are little bits of instructions that the robot picks up on the level, and executes. Use pickups not only to reduce your code size, but also to get out of sticky situations and infinite recursions!

Tips and Tricks:

  • The number of steps NomNom takes does not matter. All that matters is how many instructions you have entered in the coding area
  • Chapter 1 does not require use of functions. Chapter 2 needs only one function, Chapter 3 needs more than one. Chapter 4 introduces recursion. Chapter 5 introduces pickups. Chapter 6 is a medley of challenging levels.
  • Keep an eye out for patterns in the stars (with apologies to astrologers). Write functions whenever you see a pattern.
  • Keep an eye out for patterns in your instructions. If the same sequence appears over and over, you may be able to save a few characters by making those a function.
  • Not all pickups help you. You may need to undo the effect of a bad pickup.
  • If you are using recursion, you have entered an infinite loop. To break out of this loop, use a pickup.
  • If you are stuck, move on to the next level. You only need to solve 6 levels to unlock the next chapter.
  • Support information and program behaviour are detailed in the support page